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Product specification:
MZ6T type PTC motor protection type thermistor is according to the international standard DIN 44081 and DIN - 44081 specializing in the production on the basis of applicable to motor and other parts of the over temperature protection. Put PTC thermistor motor in a three-phasea winding coil, when the temperature reaches the insulation level of temperature, the PTC resistance increases, the high impedance state signals to the control protector, disconnect the motor circuit protector according to the signal and then protect the motor. AMPRON according to the DIN standard design and manufacture a series of bead insulation products which make high temperature protection achieve serialization. The product characteristic is small size of the chip, quickly response speed, long-term use of stable performance, high reliability. Especially protect the motor with rapid response when the motor default phase.
As in fig.1,in normal ambient temperature,PTC thermistor resistance RP<RS,lower output voltage.When ambient temperature exceeds setted temperature ,PTC thermistor resistance Rp increases rapidly, and exceeds Rs,and leads Vo increases to high enough voltage, and cause tripping in fig.2
1. fast response
2. small size
3. excellent reliability