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Product specification:
MZ31 series of PTC Thermistor are applicable to various types of fluorescent lamp, electronic ballast and electronic energy-saving lamp. The PTC can be connected across the lamp resonator without changing the circuits. It can change hard start of the ballast and electronic energy-saving lamp to preheated start and the preheating time of the filament can come up to 0.4-2 seconds, which will extend the service life of the fluorescent tube by over 4 times.
The application of the PTC thermistor to achieve preheated start is as follows: Immediately after power is switched on, Rt is in normal temperature state and its resistance is far lower than the C2 resistance. The current through C1 and Rt forms a return circuit to preheat the filament. After about 0.4-2 seconds, Rt joul heatTemperature exceeds Curie point Tc and skips into high resistance state of far higher than C2 resistance. The current passes through C1 and C2 to form a return circuit, which causes L resonance and produces high voltage to light the fluorescent tube.To a certain electronic ballast, energy saving lights, higher PTC thermistor resistance, smaller PTC ceramic body dimension, lower switch temperature, will lead to its lower power consumption, shorter preheating time, conversely, larger power consumption, longer preheating time.
1. resin coating leading-wire type
2. high withstanding voltage:420VAC-1000VAC
3. small size
4. suitable for frequent switching
5. stable delay time
6. complete specification
7. switching life 100,000 times