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Product specification:
MZ1 series of PTC thermistor are protectivecomponents which automatically protect and restorefrom abnormal temperature and current, also called"auto restore fuse" and "ten-thousand-time fuse".
The operating principle is as indicated in the following figures. When a circuit is in the normalstatus, the current through PTC is lower than the rated current and PTC is in the normal state withsmall resistance value, which will not affect the normal operation of the protected circuit. In case of some trouble in the circuit and the current is greater than the rated current, the PTC will become hot quickly and present a high resistance state, which sets the circuit relatively "off" to protect the circuit
from damage. After the trouble is removed, PTC will automatically restore its low resistance state and the circuit will resume normal operation.
In selecting PTC thermistor as overload protection component, first, make sure of the maximum operating current in the circuit (non-trip current of PTC thermistor), and maximum ambient temperature in installation position, second, protective current (trip current of PTC thermistor), maximum operating voltage, rated zero power resistance, and also the outlook and dimension should be also taken into consideration.
Relation between operating temperature, operating current and non-operating current is as shown in Fig.3. Operating current is normally 2~3 times non-operating current, and both of the currents will be reduced as operating temperature increases.
1. resin coating leading-wire type
2. Suitable for continuous work at 15-265VAC(high impedance)
3. Completed specification
4. Long term stability
5. Re-setting isn’t need after overload protection
6. Contactless switch, noiselessness