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 Other industries    |      2017-01-03
Inverter air conditioner start:
   When the inverter air conditioner starts, the voltage applied by the PTC element rectifier filter circuit, the capacitor is charged to a smooth set value, the power module IPM to work, the DCvoltage of the inverter to alternating current is applied to the input of the three-phase AC motorwindings the motor running. At the same time charging the capacitor to the set value, the IPM outputDC voltage to the relay switch K, PTC element is terminatedsuspended, see below.

   PTC element in series with the main circuit aimsto avoid early energized rectifier filter circuit to withstand the impact of large direct currents, resulting in damage to the energy storage element.That PTC element is energized from the beginning of a buffer and protection. In addition, if the relayfailure (not normally energized), the PTC element is energized after becoming a high impedance statethe circuit can be protected.

Refrigerator compressor starts:
   Refrigerator compressor driven by a single-phase induction motors. When the motor is startedit is necessary to overcome their own inertiabut also to overcome the counterforce of loading high-pressure refrigerantand therefore requires a large motor starting current and torqueWhen it runs normally, in order to save energy, the torque needed to be brought downTo the motor plus a set of auxiliary coilsonly when you start workingnormal it offThe PTC thermistor series will startsecondary coil, start PTC thermistor into the high cut off the auxiliary coiljust to achieve this effect.
   The product has a non-contact, low noise, high reliabilitylong life and other characteristics,different characteristicsthe structure of the machine in order to ensure that different design requirements.