Axial lead glass encapsulation type thermistor, the NTC thermistor MF58 series choose

 Company    |      2016-12-14
The Axial lead glass encapsulation type thermistor, whether it is used in the temperature control and temperature detection of the electric stove, electric pressure cooker, electric cooker, and other household electrical appliances, or used for office automation temperature detection and compensation, industrial, medical and other temperature control and detection, Ampron NTC MF58 series is undoubtedly the best choice. Ampron as a leader in the thermistor industry, always adhere to the principle of customer first, to provide customers with the best products and best service is the responsibility of the Ampron. The MF58 series is Ampron NTC thermistor has been a selling thermistor. NTC thermistor MF58 series is made of glass, which can be used in the harsh environment of high temperature and high humidity, not only that, the stability of the thermistor is good, high reliability, high sensitivity, more important is the NTC MF58 series of small size, stable structure, easy to install. Ampron thermistor is the bulk of the production, if you are large quantities of regular procurement, can enjoy more benefits. Ampron NTC thermistor MF58 series of high quality and low price, the company is also very good reputation. What are you still waiting for?