Lean production - pressure sensor department for poor quality control training

 Company    |      2016-12-14
To achieve the purposes of lean production, eliminating waste, improving the ability to solve problems, improving customer satisfaction, the Ampron pressure sensor department in october 15th afternoon organized the staff a knowledge training of poor quality control training, including quality management knowledge and 8D knowledge training.
    In the actual production of pressure sensor products, more or less will appear some small problems, which bring some trouble for the workshop production and to managers. The pressure sensor department decided to carry out a systematic knowledge training to the employees, so that employees can have more quality management awareness in the workshop, able to self-management and prevent the occurrence of quality problems. This requires not only the engineers must be in accordance with the drawings, process and other standardized production, but also requires the production line staff must be in accordance with the correct operating standards for production, quality administrators must be careful inspection of the pressure sensor products. Only the workshop research and development production and other different positions of each employee has such a sense of self-management, quality management awareness, and the implementation of the operation, that can effectively prevent the generation and output of bad products. 8D knowledge training for the staff of the pressure sensor department to establish the importance of the implementation and standardization of long-term measures, as well as the necessity of emergency measures, when the pressure sensor products appear problems, how to correct the thinking to analyze the problem, find out the real reason, and quickly and effectively to solve the problem of customer feedback, and ultimately give customers a satisfied answer.
    Lean production, improve efficiency in the use of products, provide quality and security products for customers, is Ampron’s responsibilities, and we will never change the direction.