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 Industry    |      2017-01-03

MZ31 Series PTC thermistor used in various fluorescent electronic ballasts, energy saving lamps,without changing the product line directly across the resonant capacitor ends of the tube, you canchange the electronic ballast, energy saving lamps hard start to warm startthe filament warm-up time of 0.4 to 2.0 secondsmore than four times to extend lamp lifeuse the following chart:

   Rt is in normal stateits resistance is far lower than the C2 resistancecurrent through C1, Rtpreheat the filament to form a loopAbout 0.4-2 seconds, Rt Joule heating temperature exceeds theswitching temperature TC leap into the high-impedance stateits resistance is much higher than C2impedancecurrent through C1, C2 form a resonant circuit L lead to produce high voltage lightinglamps.