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 MZ1 series is mainly used in household appliances power control circuit, in refrigerators, washing machinesair conditioners and other home appliancespower required for circuit control version, PTC used to control version of the input endto prevent abnormal voltage inputinstantaneous pulseload short circuit or other abnormal conditions , the protection circuit successor, the typicalapplication circuit is as follows:

   In normal operation, PTC access transformer front endsmaller PTC impedance has little effect on the linedoes not affect the normal operation of the linein the outside world is too large voltageor transient current pulses throughat the cumulative effects of current and heat quickly into PTC highimpedanceso that the subsequent circuit protected. Failure during follow-up transformer short-circuit or rectificationresulting in increased power output when the input current is also a sharp increase, PTC can quickly access to protected statusSo that subsequent failure has been effectively controlledreducing the degree of circuit damage.