Pressure sensor for central air conditioner

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Product brief:
ACCP series ceramic capacitive pressure sensor is AMPRON ceramic materials with dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor with a special process refined, ceramic is known as a high elasticity, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and vibration of the material. The thermal stability of ceramics can make the working temperature range as high as -40 DEG C ~135 DEG C, and has high precision and stability.
The anti overload capacity of up to 100 times the range, completely solve the other types of sensors in a small range when the overload capacity is poor, it has a general sensor range, the most characteristic is its positive and negative pressure function, such as: + 10KPA + 1kpa. The utility model has the advantages of high output and wide range, and is especially suitable for manufacturing high-performance industrial control pressure transmitters.
AMPRON ceramic capacitive pressure sensor integrated thick film, thin film, low temperature co firing and other domestic and international leading materials and production processes, integrated AMPRON ten years of accumulated a number of ceramic technology achievements.
Product features:
1 the measurement precision is high, which can ensure the ECU to realize the optimal control strategy of the air conditioning system
2 according to the customer's choice, there is a voltage output interface or according to customer demand adjustment.
3 ceramic capacitor structure, fast response, good compatibility with the measurement medium.